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The Sex Club - L.J. Sellers The Sex Club is the second L.J. Seller's novel I have had the pleasure to read, and like The Baby Thief it is a gripping thriller. It starts as a bomb goes off at a Planned Parenthood clinic, which young teen Jessie narrowly misses, however her luck runs out when she is found dead in a dumpster. Planned Parenthood worker Kera is intrigued and begins to uncover a secret 'sex club' amongst the city's young teens. As another teen is found dead, and more bombs are threatened, Kera must discover the links before it's too late.The Sex Club is an enjoyable read, that kept me gripped throughout. However there are some elements that detract from the overall reading experience which has reduced the rating. The major problem is that the plot is too readily reveled, it becomes clear to the reader early on what is happening and the rest of the book, whilst enjoyable, is spent waiting for Kera and Detective Jackson to figure it out, rather than waiting to discover it yourself. In addition, the 'sex club' plot, is just a little too unbelievable the way it is presented, I'm not saying teens don't have sex, but the way the idea of the 'sex club' is set up is just too much of a stretch for me. The book falls apart towards the end, as while it's dramatic, the plot becomes even more stretched, and some character's become less believable.It was very hard to rate this book as I really enjoyed it and feel that it would make a great holiday-read for many people. On the other hand there are plot and character issues that I feel would frustrate many readers, and did irritate me at points. Therefore I am giving it 3 and a half stars, although I do recommend you give it a go as it is only 69p from Amazon.