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Ingredients of Outliers: A Recipe for Personal Achievement - John Shufeldt Ingredients of Outliers is part biography, part self-help guide. The author John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA is a doctor/attorney/entrepreneur who, using his own experiences as well as those of others, takes the reader through the traits he believes every successful person needs. Each trait is given its own chapter which usually contains John’s thoughts and experiences with the trait in question, a few examples of successful people who have had the trait and how it is been demonstrated by them, a summary of the key points in John’s own words and then quotes about the trait from other successful individuals. This formulaic set up, as well as the author’s conversational and humorous writing style makes for a quick and easy read. While many readers will want to read the whole book in one go, the book's set up allows a reader to dip in and out, as and when without any problems. Some chapters will appeal more to some readers than others, the chapter on humility spoke to me more than the rest, whereas someone who is going through a serious illness might want to read the chapter on being indefatigable. Overall, Ingredients of Outliers was an easy interesting read, that will not only appeal to those looking for ways to improve themselves but also those generally interested in the background and traits of highly successful individuals. Ingredients of Outliers is available from Amazon UK for £6.91 and from Amazon US for $10.44[A review copy was provided by the author]