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Click - Lisa Becker Click: An Online Love Story does exactly what it says on the tin. It tells the story of four friends in their quest for love (or in some cases lust) through a series of e-mails. We follow PR girl Renee through the ups and downs of the dating world.Romance is not usually my thing but I found the premise of a story told solely through e-mails intriguing. Whilst I had my doubts, this format does work well once you get used to it and the characters’ voices are clear; although there were a few occasions when I had to check the To: and From: fields to be sure who was speaking. It was also refreshing to see an indie book that was correctly formatted, complete with cover and metadata, and displayed well on both my PC and Kindle. Kudos, Ms Becker. One slight niggle though, the e-mail addresses for the online dating site are in the wrong format i.e. xxx@xxxxx.com/xxxx instead of xxx@xxxxx.com – such a tiny thing but once I noticed it once I kept noticing – which was a bit distracting. Overall though I don’t think the e-mail format will hold readers who are not IT literate back.The plot is simple but humorous, making this a great light read. I found the e-mails from potential suitors particularly funny and at one point was laughing out loud. The characterisation is fantastic for most of the characters, though at times Shelly is a little ‘overdone’ for my taste. Renee in particular is very relatable for a young audience, and some of the situations seem to spring right from my life (making out with best friend anyone?!).Overall, a wonderful, well crafted story with a quirky style. There is love, friendship and sex in barrels which combines to create a fun and funny novel. It doesn’t seem as long as it’s 347 pages - for me it was a quick read and an enjoyable way to spend an evening. So it gets 4.5 stars from me!